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ELİFER TEXTILE  In 2013, it started production with 8 weaving machines and 60.000 meters of polyester fabric weaving capacity in its own 500 m2 building at Emre Sokak No 33 in Bursa Osmangazi District, Küçükbalikli Neighborhood, It continues its production activities by marketing the fabrics it has produced domestically and abroad. It will continue to offer the highest quality products to its customers by continuing its production of raw, piefti, dyed, polyester and cotton woven fabrics in line with the demands from abroad.

Why Elifer Experience

  • Our Staff Value

    We would like to offer you the opportunities where you can both demonstrate your skills and maintain your individual development by providing an environment where they can work efficiently based on mutual respect, trust and knowledge.

  • Our Quality Policy

    Having structured its quality policy on the basis of trust, timely delivery and unconditional customer satisfaction, Elifer Tekstil has taken its respected place in the textile sector with the projects it has realized so far.

  • Our Progress

    We have established ourselves in the textile industry with our international business partners. We have carried out very valuable projects with international companies, especially with our partners in African and European countries, we support textile com

Our Fabric Properties

Anti Bacteria

Anti Bacteria

Breathing feature

Breathing feature

Protective Feature

Protective Feature

Use in outdoor environments

Use in outdoor environments


High quality fabrics are used in our masks, which are produced with reference to international standards.

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Our Manufacturing Process

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    Planning determines the amount of fabric accessories and packaging materials to meet the order. Relevant managers come together and set a deadline backwards from the delivery date of the order, in the order of work flow. At the same time, they decide the location of the work to be done outside the factory.

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    If possible, fabric, accessories and packaging materials are met from existing stocks according to the determined quantities. If this is not the case, the ways of weaving from yarn or buying raw or finished fabric for the fabric and procuring from the market for accessories and packaging material are followed.

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    If the fabric has passed the quality checks positively, it applies to tests for operational processes. The purpose of these tests is to support the production of customers with foresight. All the tested fabrics are packaged under the required conditions and ready to be shipped.

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